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America's Hidden Resource

America's Hidden Resource

Why China's "Bargain Basement" factories just can't cut it...
Why do Boeing, GE, and Rolls-Royce pay billions for one U.S. company's "mission critical" technology? Simple, China can't be trusted to build it!
Discover the one U.S. company rich in this "hidden resource" -- poised to hand you generous profits in the coming economic recovery...

"The Motley Fool's panache is a cover for a belief in the old-fashioned virtues of patience, simplicity, and prudence."
-- U.S. News & World Report
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Remember when just about everything was made right here at home? It was a rare sight -- almost a joke -- to see the words "Made in China."
Those were the days.
Now, not even my American flag was "Made in the U.S.A."
Where's the pride?
The American spirit?
Well, I'm here to tell you that American industry isn't fading away... it's alive and well. Our best years are still ahead of us!
Now don't get me wrong, it's painful to see our once mighty factories rusting away. I should know, I'm from Pittsburgh.
The Pittsburgh of my father's generation was a fire-breathing industrial monster... the city was so clouded in soot and smoke the streetlights came on at noon each day.
Some of the greatest symbols of America -- the Empire State Building, the Gateway Arch, and the Sears Tower -- were born of steel forged in Pittsburgh. Billions poured into the city.
Today's Pittsburgh is a shadow of its former self. Yes, the skies and rivers are clear, but the site of the world's largest steel mill -- the Homestead Works -- is now home to a shopping mall, for pete's sake!
The good news is Pittsburgh -- like America -- isn't dead. It's evolving...
"One of the U.S.'s Top Tech Cities." -- Forbes
Though the transition was painful... Pittsburgh has emerged stronger than ever, as a center of 21st-century manufacturing. In fact, Forbes magazine recently named Pittsburgh "One of the U.S.'s Top Tech Cities."
And Pittsburgh isn't an isolated case. The same story is playing out all over America. Cities are reinventing themselves -- thanks to a "hidden resource" that will keep the U.S. on top for a long, long time. And it's not something you can buy or build.
It takes decades, sometimes generations, to cultivate...
America's "Hidden Resource"

The U.S. is rich in a precious commodity that you can't grow or buy.
One All-American company is particularly flush with this resource. In fact, it's used it to build a vast high-tech empire. Its products are found in the world's most extreme environments from 1,000 megawatt nuclear power plants to F-35 joint strike fighters.
"China has built an empire on being the world's 'bargain basement' factory."
-- Forbes magazine
I'm talking mission-critical parts here. These parts are so important, if they failed during a meltdown or war, the lives of millions of people would be put in jeopardy. That's why the world's most advanced companies would never consider outsourcing this important work to the lowest bidder (aka China).
That's why the world's most advanced manufacturers pay top dollar to one U.S. company whose engineers and hardworking employees produce unmatched quality and precision. And that's why...
YOU should own this stock before October 30, 2009
Listen, I wouldn't waste your time with a company that didn't have a lot of room to run. Or without a specific catalyst to get it moving. Well, this company's potential is threefold...
1. Its technology is light-years ahead of the Chinese...
2. It's swimming in the resource that gives America a huge advantage over foreign competitors...
3. It's sitting quietly in front of the billion-dollar tsunami The Wall Street Journal calls "a major win for the high-tech industry."
In fact, every one of the industries that rely on this company's technology -- energy, aerospace, and construction -- is projected to see demand for its products skyrocket in the coming years. Thanks to a phenomenon that will play out by October 30, 2009.
So what's this "economic force" that's driving all this new business?
It's none other than President Obama's stimulus. Now, whether you support the president's policies or not... there is a ton of money to be made from playing the $787 billion stimulus the right way.
The TRUTH about the Obama Stimulus
"The eventual recovery will be driven by government spending rather than tax cuts -- the first time that's happened in the United States since President Ronald Reagan."
-- The Washington Post
Unfortunately, most Americans don't know the difference between a government bailout and a stimulus. They just see politicians emptying the Treasury to line the pockets of bankrupt automakers and banks.
But Obama's stimulus isn't a bailout. It's a pure investment in America, designed to keep America on top of the food chain as the world leader in technology and innovation.
When you think about it, it's not all that different from how Ronald Reagan's economic stimulus of the 1980s won the Cold War. This time around, Obama's stimulus is designed to help America win the global technology war.
And here's the best part for investors like us: Only 6% of this massive investment has been paid out. Leaving the door wide open for you to invest in this company that will profit most from this government funding. But a word of warning...
Time is running out! On Monday June 8, 2009...
President Obama vowed to "accelerate spending billions of dollars in stimulus funds and create 600,000 jobs." Meaning billions of stimulus funds could flood the economy before Congress adjourns on October 30, 2009.
Soon this massive investment will shock the economy back to life. Handing billions to the U.S. manufacturer I mentioned earlier. Before I give you all the details of this company...You may be wondering... How did we discover this high-tech dynamo?
Well, here at The Motley Fool, we pointed out that the financial advice you'll see on TV or read in the paper changes with the wind.
If you want to know the real story -- and where to put your money -- you have to challenge conventional wisdom and uncover the truth -- especially during tough economic downturns like right now.
That's why you need an edge. A trusted, independent resource. And that's where The Motley Fool comes in!
Please allow me a proper introduction. My name is Ryan McLimans. I'm a dedicated investor and member of a unique group of individual investors called Motley Fool Stock Advisor -- the exclusive investment advisory service I'm writing to tell you about today.

Year in and year out, our group, led by Motley Fool co-founders David and Tom Gardner, challenge the establishment by telling it like it is and uncovering the truth... Looking for those rare investments that change lives. The stocks that will be talked about decades from now...
But not on Wall Street. They dig up the very best stocks on Duke Street... in Alexandria, Virginia.
That's no accident. David and Tom want nothing to do with the Wall Street cronyism that puts individual investors last and puts bonuses and Caribbean retreats first.
That's why David and Tom created Stock Advisor over six years ago -- to help individual investors just like you. So you...
 Discover the stocks that can turn your nest egg into a fortune... before your neighbor, your boss, and even Wall Street hear about them on CNBC...
 Make all the right moves to secure your long-term wealth -- commission-free and on your own terms.
 Never have to "go it alone" again. As your own personal investment guru, Stock Advisor is available 24/7.
And, sure enough, it's paid off. David and Tom have recommended some amazing stocks to their tight-knit group of individual investors in Stock Advisor. Here's just a few examples...
 Tom saw the massive potential of high-tech juggernaut Quality Systems early on. Its dominant market share of the health care database business positioned it for massive profits. Stock Advisor members, who bought when we alerted them, turned every $10,000 invested into $113,400. A return of1,034%!
 David caught on early to this "superhero licensing" business and recommended Marvel -- the tiny comic book company that launched some of Hollywood's biggest smash hits ever -- handing Stock Advisor members a return of 1,334%!
 Stock Advisor analysts were quick to spot top-level managers and company insiders snapping up shares of software developer Activision -- and immediately reported this "buy signal" to our tight-knit community. Today, shares are up an eye-popping 546%!
 When broke even for the first time in 2002, we knew it was no fluke. And recommended this e-commerce pioneer that went on to become a cash cow -- shooting up by 446%!
 The Stock Advisor team was one of the first to identify the earth-shattering potential ofNetflix -- the online movie rental business that put brick-and-mortar stores everywhere out of business. Since first recommended to our members back in 2004, Netflix has rocketed up by 246%!
And, since we launched Stock Advisor in April 2002, all of David's and Tom's picks are up by an average 45% (while the S&P 500 has gone down 2%)!
But I didn't email you to brag about David and Tom Gardner. I'm more concerned with giving you the chance to earn returns like the ones I've just described... by investing early in the high-tech company detailed below... before the global economy fires back up and America's "hidden resource" fuels this company's success for decades!
Why does this company have such great potential? Because it dominates the market in 3 high-tech trends that are guaranteed to heat up once the stimulus cash comes rolling in. Have a look...
 High-tech Trend No. 1 -- The Next Great Jet Age: United Airlines, British Airways, and all the world's largest carriers are racing to place orders for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner and Airbus's mega-jet, the 380. These new, state-of-the-art jets will transform air travel -- cutting travel times and using less fuel (lowering ticket prices for you and me.) And this company profits no matter what. Because it owns the technology that BOTH of these planes use to fly faster and more efficiently. Plus, thanks to Obama's stimulus plan, the aerospace sector is set to soar. Cities like, St. Louis, Phoenix, and Washington D.C., are expanding their airports with stimulus cash... increasing their efficiency and capacity. That means increased flights and of course more passengers and planes!
 High-tech Trend No. 2 -- The Coming Energy Spike: President Obama is pouring an estimated $50 billion of his stimulus package into "Repowering America" -- building new power plants and making existing ones more efficient... and this company is primed to scoop up the majority of the new business. Because it's a leader in efficient, next-generation power plant technology. From natural gas turbines to tubing for deep-sea oil platforms as well as parts for coal and nuclear power plant parts and even state-of-the-art pollution controls.
 High-tech Trend No. 3 -- The Infrastructure Boom: This manufacturer supplies more than 5,000 customers with a diversified number of high-performance metal alloys. Including complex systems and parts for utilities and smart grids. Plus, this company also forges industrial tools that are lighter, stronger, and more reliable than those of the competition. Giving it a unique edge once Congress unleashes billions from the stimulus plan to rebuild America and fix our ailing infrastructure.
You're right to ask... How can one company profit from all these sectors? Is it some sort of conglomerate?
Quite the contrary, it's a relatively small company. And that's why it's been flying under the radar of Wall Street for so long. But industry insiders know it well.
And make no mistake, when it comes to the mission-critical technology we've just discussed, switching suppliers is costly... and also very risky.
It's why you won't see this company losing business to China. There's simply no room for gambling on complex, critical components like the landing gears of a jet... engine parts for Navy warships... and metal alloys that can stand up to 2,400F of heat...
As a result, this company has clawed its way into thousands of companies' supply chains -- practically guaranteeing itself continued business for life!
I can't wait to give you this company's name and ticker symbol -- all the important details and how much you can hope to make when it takes off -- but out of respect for our members (the small group of individual investors you'll meet in a moment), I have to give all this to you in the form of a brand-new special report...

It's called The One U.S. Manufacturer China Can't Undercut. And it's YOURS FREE for the asking!
Inside you'll see why no foreign knockoff can compete with this American company that makes planes fly higher, power plants operate safer, and high-tech industries run more efficiently.
Plus, this company is loaded up with the "hidden resource" that gives American industry a big leg up over the Chinese -- ensuring this high-octane company decades of dominance. (I'll reveal this "hidden resource" in a moment...)
But we only have a brief opportunity to own the American company revealed in this report before the Wall Street fat cats return from "summering" at their beach homes and pounce on it, sending its shares sky high!
Because soon the media will catch wind of the "hidden resource" that's allowed the good ol' U.S.A. to rule the world economy for so long. (And why we'll continue to be No. 1 in the 21st century.) Here's the cold, hard truth:
China doesn't have the edge
Truth is, we are way ahead of China. Yes, you read that right. The Chinese are taking over the low-tech industries we dominated 50 years ago. And I say good riddance!
Let the Chinese handle the world's demand for low-cost goods like stereos and screwdrivers.
Let China learn how to deal with stifling air pollution and poisoned water supplies. (The World Bank reports 16 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are Chinese.)

Let China take over dirty, 20th-century industries...
That will free up America to tap its "hidden resource" and lead the world into the 21st century... as the world leader in technology and innovation.
The coming "American Renaissance"
This is exactly what the media and Wall Street are overlooking right now...
But you can be sure they'll jump on the bandwagon after the recovery... and sing the praises of the stock you've just heard about, after it goes through the roof, but by then it will be too late... the big money will have been made by someone else!
Now, China may be the darling of the media today. But when has betting against America ever paid off?
Last July, Buzz Aldrin lead NASA's 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing celebration -- one of the greatest achievements in American and human history. How many times has China landed a man on the moon? How many famous Chinese astronauts can you name?
You can't answer those questions because China's space program is stuck in the Stone Age. While America continues to fly faster and farther thanks to our "hidden resource."Bear me with me, I'll reveal this resource in just a second...
This home-grown commodity is what makes America the most promising investment we've seen in years. And why the company revealed in your special report, The One U.S. Manufacturer China Can't Undercut, will continue its stranglehold on the aerospace, energy, and high-tech industries. Here's the full story:
Why China can't take over
They say the financial meltdown has left the door wide open for China. That "the global economic playing field has been leveled," as The Atlantic puts it.
"The anxiety over advanced technology coming out of China is misplaced. China's high technology is still only DVDs and laptops."
-- Dan Griswold,
Director, Cato Institute
But that statement couldn't be further from the truth, according to a study from the University of Minnesota.
Because America is rich in a resource you can't buy, grow, or sell.
The study called this resource "seedbeds of innovation."
And here it is: You may have guessed it. In a word, it's talent. Specifically concentrated regions of talented, 21st-century workforces. (Like where the company revealed in your special report is headquartered.)
The Wall Street Journal calls these regions "youth magnet" cities. Because they attract "young, educated workers that communities and employers covet" from all over the world.
For proof, consider that more than half the start-ups that launched from 1995 to 2005 in Silicon Valley -- the high-tech melting pot near Stanford University that spawned companies like Intel and Apple -- had a founder who was a foreign-born national, according to a study by Duke University.
Today, these talent regions continue to grow at a rapid pace as thousands of the world's best and brightest flock to these high-tech American cities.
And like Silicon Valley, the hometown of the company revealed in The One U.S. Manufacturer China Can't Undercut has been transformed from an industrial paper mill town to a leader in 21st-century industry.
(Just like how Pittsburgh evolved from a steel town into a center of high-tech manufacturing.)
And it's expected to keep growing -- increasing its population by as much as 330% over the next few decades.
That's why you won't find China on the same level as America when it comes to creative freedom and intellectual talent. Thousands of the world's smartest and most talented people continue to emigrate to America. Perhaps the designer of the next 787 Dreamliner, the next astronaut to land on the moon, or the next Bill Gates is immigrating to America right now.
That's why China is decades, if not generations behind America. Our talented work force continues to grow in size. When the economy recovers and stocks come roaring back, the cat be will out of the bag. And once again the world will be fixated on America's might. That's why you must get your hands on our new special report, The One U.S. Manufacturer China Can't Undercut, ASAP!

Inside you'll get the full details of this company that's in the heart of one of America's fastest-growing talent regions that's chock full of the best and brightest minds in the world. And has the ingenuity and manufacturing prowess to make planes fly higher, power plants operate safer, and high-tech industries run more efficiently (it dominates these industrial niches).
You can get its name and ticker symbol -- right now! -- I'll even send it INSTANTLY to your inbox!
All you have to do to get this special report is accept this no-risk special invitation to join our group, Motley Fool Stock Advisor.
Here's how we'll begin...
When you join our group of individual investors today...
Every month, you'll receive the Motley Fool Stock Advisor advisory letter in the mail. You'll even be alerted by email the moment it is available online, so you can access it instantly.
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I've been told by some members that Motley Fool Stock Advisor is like an investment university. It's certainly an active community of smart investors. You can join David and Tom -- and your fellow members -- online in spirited discussions. Or you can sit back and simply follow the wealth-building recommendations...
Some advisory services charge hundreds of dollars for access to their "premium" services. But access to our world-class members-only website... and all its powerful moneymaking resources... are yours today for a low introductory rate of just $99. That's just $8.25 a month! For less than the price of a movie ticket, you're getting the opportunity to amass life-changing wealth. And here's why your timing simply couldn't be better...
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(And if you decide you'd like out at any point after your first month, we'll gladly send you the full dollar value of the remaining months of your membership term.)
Of course, this kind of guarantee makes it possible to snap up everything we have to offer and pay nothing!
And that's fine with us. Because that's how confident we are in what we have to offer you. Why are we so confident? Quite simply, we work hard and get results. We always have.
PLUS -- When you join us right now through this special invitation, you can also snap up the latest edition of our most highly sought-after special report -- FREE!
Join right now and get The Motley Fool Rebound Report: 7 Small- Cap Rockets for the New Bull Market ($69 value) -- ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Here's one more reason why your timing simply couldn't be better...
During market rebounds, small-cap stocks tend to soar faster and farther than the broader market -- turning hardworking folks like you and me into millionaires over time. Want some proof?
Starting in the middle of the 2001-2002 recession, small caps rocketed out of the recovery! Returning 22% a year for 3 years straight!
That's a return 35 times greater than the S&P 500!
And after the brutal bear market of 1973-1974, small caps returned 28% a year for 10 years. That's more than DOUBLE the market's 11% return over that same time. That's why The Motley Fool just put a considerable amount of time and resources into:
The Motley Fool Rebound Report: 7 Small-Cap Rockets for the New Bull Market featuring 7 handpicked investments projected by The Motley Fool's top analysts to deliver outsized stock market profits in the second half of 2009 and beyond. Take a look...

 One small company produces infrared sensors for spacecraft, cruise missile engines, remote-controlled underwater vehicles, and other highly specialized components for missions such as monitoring pollution and homeland security...
 This company collects food waste and renders or recycles it into usable products such as animal feed, biofuel, and soap for major clients like McDonald's, Costco and Burger King...
 The EPA estimates that the U.S. must invest $390 billion over the next 20 years to overhaul its wastewater systems -- and this little company stands to lock down sizable and ever-increasing business as we repair our aging infrastructure...
And yet, these are only 3 of the powerful profit opportunities you'll discover the instant you download your FREE copy of The Motley Fool Rebound Report: 7 Small-Cap Rockets for the New Bull Market.
Combined with the lessons, strategies, and uncommon market wisdom you'll receive as a member of Stock Advisor, the 7 top small-cap stocks in this exhaustive equity research report set you up with just about everything you need to make this the year you BEAT UP on the market!
I hope you take advantage of this no-risk offer and at the very least get the name and full details of the company swimming in America's "hidden resource" in your special report, The One U.S. Manufacturer China Can't Undercut.
Of course, it doesn't end with the one stock pick. The analysts at Motley Fool Stock Advisor fanatically follow every one of our recommendations. Sending you updates on earnings, dividends, and all the latest news. So you always get the full story behind your stocks.
Just imagine years from now when you can tell your son or daughter that he or she can go to college, scott-free, without a single student loan. All thanks to the profits you've made by keeping your money right at home... in one of the very best U.S. stocks.
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"The Motley Fool stands out as an ethical oasis in an area that is fast becoming a home to charlatans."
--The Economist
"You can find vast amounts of information and help here -- all written in plain English instead of Wall Street jargon."
-- Fortune


I can only guarantee you a FREE copy of The One U.S. Manufacturer China Can't Undercut and your FREE copy of The Motley Fool Rebound Report: 7 Small-Cap Rockets for the New Bull Market (a $69 value) -- if you join us right now.
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